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About Room Dividers

 Room dividers are pieces of furniture that are designed to help designate one area of a room from another. Though traditionally they come in the form of folding screens, contemporary designs tend to favor more of a sleek bookcase-style aesthetic.

Place a room divider ONLY where you want to designate one space from another. Think of a room divider as sort of “wall.” (That is to say, don’t place it in the middle of a living room, hoping that it will serve simply as a stylish focal point.) Since room dividers are tall, styling it in the middle of a room you don’t want to divide will only make it harder to enjoy the room as a whole – and perhaps even confuse guests as to why the divider is there in the first place! Instead, treat a room divider as you would a normal wall, arranging seating directly in front of it, and using it to designate one area from another.


Room Divider Styles

Nowadays, the traditional “folding screen” isn’t your only option when it comes to room dividers. Here are a few features of the most popular types of room divider styles:

Tiered shelving: Tiered shelving on a room divider bookcase (think wide shelves at the bottom, shorter shelves towards the top) bring a unique spin to the look of both a traditional room divider – and a traditional bookcase. These styles are especially practical for storing together items of varying sizes in one chic display case – without feeling cluttered.

Layered shelving: Similar to tiered, a layered room divider features shelving of different lengths; unlike tiered, the shelving isn’t necessarily in order of longest to shortest. Like tiered, layered shelving remains a common feature in both room dividers and bookcases – and delivers a punch of statement style.

Cube shelving: Remember those cute “cubbies” in which you’d stash your lunch every morning at kindergarten? Now, they’re back – in a sleek design, and all grown up! Also known as cube storage, cubby storage is often made up of multiple equal square shelves to form one large “square” or cube. In short, it’s geometry at its chicest!  

Desk/hutch: Want to keep your room – and the different functions within it – defined and easy to access? Look no further than a room divider with built-in desk! For an extra-practical punch, and to draw the eye up, look for one that incorporates a hutch above the desk; remember that the less floor space you take up and the more vertical height you incorporate, the better. When in doubt, go tall!


Casters: The smaller the space you live in, the more the size of everything – from furniture to clutter piles – is magnified; so when it comes to small space living, if there’s one thing you and your furniture should be able to do, it’s adapt. Because they are designed specifically to accentuate and set apart one area of a small space from another, room dividers in particular should be able to change as do your furniture arrangements. Look for designs with casters to make it easy for your style game to evolve with you – and the ever-growing vision you have for your space!



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