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Key points for choosing the right stainless steel screen

 1. Scene decoration style

If you want to highlight the color tone and the style of the villa, you can choose the black gold stainless steel screen partition, its color is extremely dark, matching the black and white of the light, more classic style; the style can choose the traditional Chinese screen, far It looks like a curtain everywhere. Like the choice of a hotel, it is different, especially the hotel lobby. To highlight the high-end atmosphere of the hotel, you must choose bright rose gold or yellow bronze. The style can be a Chinese lattice or a symbol of wealth. Money spent on flat steel screens, this style can bring out the luxury of the hotel.
  Second, accounting costs
  If the customer has a very high positioning of the hotel, he will not hesitate to build a hotel style. He can choose a mirror-welded screen with a reflective surface like a mirror. Its reflective effect is very good, and it can highlight the high-end decoration and fine craftsmanship. If you only need to achieve the decorative style, you can order spot welded or fully welded brushed stainless steel screens, the cost is lower. The screens of the two processes are currently dominated by brushed full-welded screens and mirrored full-welded screens. Due to the labor-consuming time-consuming and high cost, the current production of such screen processes is relatively small.
  Three, project completion cycle
  Customers who want to install on the spot and open the hotel can choose Chinese screens or laser cut screens that do not require wire cutting. Here is a brief introduction to the processing cycle. For any welding screen, the minimum processing time required is 10 days. For Chinese screens, the process is relatively simple. It takes about 10 days. Processing and transportation takes about 13 days. The laser engraved screen only takes 5 days, and can be shipped, saving a lot of time, and the style is relatively flexible. You can choose a Chinese screen pattern, or you can choose a European-style line or flower shape. You can choose the graphics directly on the website. Can be processed.
  Color stainless steel metal decoration and decoration refers to the practice of using metal as the key decoration material.
  The metals that are widely popular at home and abroad are mainly colored stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and so on.
   Popular stainless steel finishes can be quickly promoted and applied, mainly because of the following characteristics:
  The color stainless steel plate finish has metallic luster and texture, and the decorative effect is elegant and beautiful. Especially the stainless steel mirror panel, brushed plate, etc. are plated with titanium gold, and the surface is golden yellow metallic luster, which is gorgeous and noble. The color stainless steel plate material has good durability. The high-grade metal plate processed by vacuum ion plating not only has rich and colorful colors, but also can maintain the initial decorative effect for more than 30 years for a long time.