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Metal screen lattice _ black titanium stainless steel screen partition _ custom

 [Stainless steel screen has two processing, welding and forming processes]

1. The spot welding.
There is a seam, which is fixed directly by point welding.
This kind of processing technology is usually used in places far away from each other. If the polishing is too difficult, the polishing tools cannot be deeply polished and polished, so that ren's eyes can directly see the welding points, or spot welding technology can be used.
2. The full welding.
Also called seamless welding.
After being polished and polished, no cracks can be seen in the welding area.
Suitable for close application.
With [processing technology] divided into
1. Laser hollow-out cutting screen, through the large laser cutting machine cutting hollow-out to get a certain pattern, and after surface treatment, vacuum electroplating coloring.
2. Welding and polishing processing screen, forming with tube or plate, after surface treatment, welding and polishing, vacuum electroplating and coloring.
Can be divided by [color]
Rose gold stainless steel screen, titanium (black titanium) stainless steel screen, tawny stainless steel lattice, bronze stainless steel screen, green bronze stainless steel screen and other colors of stainless steel screen.
With "coloring process" can be divided into
1. Electroplated titanium stainless steel screen 2. Water plated copper stainless steel screen 3. Fluorocarbon lacquered stainless steel screen 4.