Elements of stainless steel sculpture design

Stainless steel sculpture is a common urban sculpture, and every city seems to need a stainless steel sculpture that can reflect its urban civilization and spirit.

Thus, the design of stainless steel sculpture has to work hard.


Steel lego stainless steel sculpture summarizes the elements of stainless steel sculpture design.

A, themes,

The theme is the theme of the landscape, which is the idea of the whole sculpture design, which is one of the major design elements.

Second, the environment

The collocation environment, is a large element of stainless steel sculpture design.

Environment, is to make the stainless steel sculptures to cooperate with the surrounding environment, to combine reference, urban historical style and features, the surrounding buildings, etc., stand in the environment can show more local, enterprise and city.

Three, creative

When the above two aspects are finished, the next is the creator's idea.

Originality, is to make a sculpture to be recognized as a magic weapon, is also a design element of stainless steel sculpture design.