What are the requirements of the stainless steel sculpture process and the welding process?

What are the requirements of the stainless steel sculpture process and the welding process?

1. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of stainless steel welding rods: titanium calcium and low hydrogen type.

The electrode of titanium calcium type coating is only suitable for flat welding and arc welding, not suitable for full position welding.

The electrode of low - hydrogen - type coating can be used for full position welding.

The current of welding is as far as possible with dc power, which is helpful to overcome the welding rod redness and depth.

2. The stainless steel electrode should be kept dry when used.

In order to avoid defects such as cracks, pits, porosity, titanium calcium type coating by the 150-250 ℃ drying for 1 hour before welding, low hydrogen type coated by the 200-300 ℃ drying for 1 hour before welding.

Do not repeat the drying repeatedly, or the skin will fall off easily.

3. Clean the welding seam, and prevent the welding rod from getting oil and other dirt, so as not to increase the carbon content of the weld and affect the welding quality.

4. In order to prevent the intergranular corrosion caused by heating, the welding current should not be too large. Generally, it should be about 20% lower than that of carbon steel electrode, and the arc should not be too long.

5. Attention should be taken when starting the arc. It is better to choose the arc plate with the same material as the welding part.

6. Use short arc welding as far as possible, the arc length is easy to produce hot crack, arc length is generally 2-3mm.

Article 7, should use short arc welding fast, generally do not allow the transverse swing, goal is to reduce the heat and heat affected zone width, improve weld intergranular corrosion resistance and reduce the tendency of hot crack.

8. Welding rod should be carefully selected for the welding of foreign steel, so as to prevent the improper occurrence of hot crack or high temperature heat treatment to cause the metal to be precipitated out and the metal embrittlement.

The selection criteria of welding rod for stainless steel and foreign steel are selected and appropriate welding technology is adopted.

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