Stainless steel plate characteristics and production process.

The Scanloman editor details the characteristics of the stainless steel plate.

1. Stainless steel plate will not rust, and its service life is long.

2. The stainless steel plate has a lighter weight.

3. The stainless steel label has an upscale feeling.

4. The stainless steel plate is distinguished by drawing and bright surface.

5. Stainless steel signs have metallic texture.

6. Strong sense of stainless steel plate.

Stainless steel label making process:

The stainless steel sign is an advertisement sign which is processed by corrosion, die-casting or printing by means of stainless steel plate.

Present use most of the stainless steel plate is made by corrosion technology, such a beautiful sign has design, line is clear, depth, bottom right, uniform and wire drawing, surface smooth, color full colour and lustre is consistent, etc.

Source: stainless steel screen furniture factory steel player www.gangleren.com.