The Scanloman editor tells you to prevent the rust of stainless steel lamps.

Some net friend ask me, my home stainless steel lamps and lanterns rusted.

I think you are probably in the middle!

The stainless steel that is inferior quality is put in sitting room for a few months also should not be rusted.

Only decorative chromium plating on steel or alloy plating, if inferior processing technology, a very thin coating thickness, may appear gray stripe within months, serious will develop rust.

The method of reducing rusting: to the newly appeared network pattern or not serious rust point, suggest you to use soft fabric to dip in toothpaste to wipe off;

If the rust is more serious, it can only be cleaned with detergent powder.

Checker and rust is divided, be sure to dry cloth to wipe, then use hair dryer blow hot air dry, such as no hair dryer can dry hand, finally, in the entire surface brush anti-rust oil or wax, such as no rust-proof oil used cooking oil, also can clean the wool stoma is the purpose of removing oil, do not need to form a reservoir, a reservoir to dust and corrosive medium.

This process may slow the corrosion process, but it does not guarantee that it will not rust in the future unless you buy stainless steel.

Source: stainless steel screen furniture factory steel player www.gangleren.com.