Stainless-steel ceiling.

Stainless-steel ceiling.


Color stainless steel ceiling is the aristocracy of the ceiling product, its surface is bright and clean like lens, material is high-grade, craft is exquisite, price is common aluminous smallpox 7 ~ 10 times.


Changed the traditional stainless steel by corrosion or plating process method and path, such as the use of advanced analysis of the microcomputer control technology, to overcome the problems of stainless steel surface coloring treatment technology and integrates the stainless steel body and coloring layer formation, developed the characteristic of a new generation of colored stainless steel.

Products by the national authority inspection institutions - surface of mechanical industry product quality supervision and inspection center test to prove: the surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance than ordinary stainless steel is strong, can resist ultraviolet light salt fog corrosion and more than 30 years, main body and coloring layer integration, maintain the basic structure and basic technical performance of the original stainless steel, routine can be moulded and stretch forming;

The surface of the colored layer has the advantages of novel, colorful, bright, soft, elegant and smooth finish. The products are favored by domestic gas appliances, hardware and small appliance manufacturers.