Etching board

Etching process board is a chemical method used to corrode various patterns on the surface of an object.

Is floor with 8 k mirror plate, after etching processing, deep processing of surface, can be localized and lines, wire drawing, embedded gold, local titanium such as all kinds of complicated process, realize the pattern and darkness, colorful effect.

A variety of etching, etching stainless steel including colorful stainless steel design, choose the color for are: titanium black titanium (black), sky blue, titanium, sapphire blue, brown, dark brown, purple, bronze, green bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, purple, titanium white, green, green, etc., suitable for: star hotel, KTV, shopping malls, senior entertainment places, etc.

Color stainless steel plate is a kind of environmental protection adornment material, do not contain organic matter such as methanol, no radiation, color stainless steel security fire prevention, suitable for large building decoration (bus station, railway station, subway station, airport, etc.), hotels and business decoration, public facilities, building a new house decoration, etc.

Professional processing production color stainless steel plate, SP8K mirror series stainless steel plate, color stainless steel plate, SPHB SPCB stainless steel plate, SPHW and grain series stainless steel plate, etc and all kinds of material of stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plate, BA board, 8 k mirror plate, titanium plate, grinding plate, checkered plate, sandblasting, etching plate, embossed plate, embossed plate, etc.

Stainless steel decorative color is characterized by wear and corrosion resistance has reached the international advanced level (international standard is 500 g is pressure soft rubber friction does not fade, 200 times the company's products can reach 5000 times do not fade).

Color stainless steel and bright color, and the price is only a tenth of the imported product.

In the aspect of form a complete set of technology, more developed titanium golden color series flat surface effect, at the same time of stainless steel products overall smooth smooth, giving the gorgeous color design stainless steel products, make the products bright, easy to clean, durable.