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Steelaman Metal Provides Metal Decoration Solutions for Macau Wynn
We specialise in the custom design,manufacture & installation of architectural stainless steel work for commercial & residential applications.
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Project Name: Steelaman Stainless Steel Provides Metal Decoration Scheme for Macau Casino

Project location: Macau

Project area: 20000 square meters

Main materials: titanium mirror stainless steel, rose gold brushed stainless steel, bronze brushed stainless steel

Project introduction: Through the preliminary investigation of Macau casinos, Steelaman Stainless Steel provides customers with optimized metal decoration schemes according to the requirements of the casinos. The metal part of the entire project is mostly titanium mirror stainless steel. The products with various metal personalized pattern designs present meticulous and entrepreneurial environmental protection materials, interpret exquisite new products, and create elegant and comfortable modern space.

Cooperative products: stainless steel screens, stainless steel doors, stainless steel door covers, handles, stainless steel edging

Case effect: The project was completed ahead of schedule, Steelaman metal gave the customers a lot of time and space, and the customers were very satisfied.

Real Appreciation:

Steelaman integrated the whole industry chain with own factories to provide the customers one stop solutions for all kinds of stainless steel screen room divider and Stainless Steel Skirting and all kinds of decorative projects.
With more than 10 years of growth,Steelaman can produce and match big projects from architectural interior decorative products to outdoor big Stainless Steel Sculpture, also widely used for hotel decoration, elevator decoration applications, Household appliances, Bathroom decoration, Showcase, Ceiling and cabinets and furniture etc

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