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​ FAQs about metal screens
​ FAQs about metal screens

FAQs about metal screens:

Q1. What are the screen welding methods? What's the difference?

A1. Metal screens, especially tubular screens. Usually one of the processes that everyone pays attention to is the welding method. Generally divided into full welding and spot welding. There is no good or bad argument between the two methods, just choose which way is suitable for the screen design.
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● Full welding refers to the complete welding between two workpieces, and no gap can be seen after the surface treatment is smooth.

● Spot welding refers to spot welding at key joints, leaving natural gaps on the surface.
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● After full welding, more grinding labor is required, so the price will be relatively high. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the fact that there are too many welded joints, which may cause thermal deformation.

● Spot welding is to use solder joints on two substrates, leaving a natural gap in the surface treatment. The advantage is that the delivery is fast and the deformation is small, and price is more competitive.
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