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Champagne gold stainless steel screen, European style porch design decoration effect picture, the entrance first scenery

Champagne gold stainless steel screen, European style porch design decoration effect picture, the entrance first scenery

The partition partition of the entrance is a buffer transition section.In various apartment renovations the entrance may be a corner of the living room or other rooms.How is the partition screen designed for the first view of the entrance?Champagne gold stainless steel screen, Europe type porch design decorates effect diagram。

The wall color of the entrance is the most direct place for people to see, such as coral blue, pink purple, grass green and other colors can always give people a different state of mind.But when paired with champagne gold stainless steel screen walls, it gives a bright look.

Most of the entrances to the home are windowless, and it is futile to rely on sunlight to brighten the entrance area.So in the enclosed area, only later decoration and lighting design can be used to create transparent and bright partitions.Chandeliers can be used for the door entrance through the lattice screen wall lamp to skillfully match, people can feel the warmth of the house as soon as they get started

The entrance floor is a necessary place for people to get in and out.Therefore, it is recommended to use an entrance floor material that is resistant to wear and easy to clean.In addition, the decoration of the entrance floor still needs to consider the overall style of the family space.

In the space that occupy the home, the pursuit is practical the perfect effect with adornment sex, besides the function, still need integral collocation to decorate effect diagram to design.After decorating the stainless steel screen with metal champagne gold, you can also add some potted plants, photos, murals and other decorations to add life to the entrance.

Different furniture shelves can serve different storage and display functions.However, certain restrictions still exist in the entrance area. When choosing furniture, it is necessary to consider whether people can travel normally after arranging furniture.The European style porch design decorates the entrance to use the champagne gold stainless steel screen, the decoration effect is the excellent visual field artwork.

Use champagne gold stainless steel screen to give priority to a wall, the temperament of natural form will increase dimensional experience.The champagne gold stainless steel screen wall serves as a partition between the entrance and the living room, giving the whole space a very different feel.


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