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What is a room divider?

What is a room divider?

 Room Dividers. Whether you need added privacy in your home or just want to sectionoff a space, a room divider is an affordable, flexible option. Room partitions functionas a makeshift wall, without the hassle and expense of building a real one. As anadded bonus, they can also add an element of design to your home.

Steelaman integrated the whole industry chain with own factories to provide the customers one stop solutions for all kinds of stainless steel screen room divider and Stainless Steel Skirting and all kinds of decorative projects.

With more than 10 years of growth,Steelaman can produce and match big projects from architectural interior decorative products to outdoor big Stainless Steel Sculpture, also widely used for hotel decoration, elevator decoration applications, Household appliances, Bathroom decoration, Showcase, Ceiling and cabinets and furniture etc