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Custom made architectural & decorative stainless steel work for commercial & residential applications

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For bespoke design solutions that call for a contemporary, high-quality finish, custom metal design + manufacture, helps clients to bring their design ideas to life – from design through to manufacture.

With more than 15 years experience in metal design + manufacture, along with our own 5000 m2 factory and highly experienced staff, STEELAMAN is in the unique position to be able to develop once-off designs to match any brief. From the luxurious to the utilitarian, STEELAMAN, Designer, Sandy and Yugo, works closely with clients to create unique results in high-quality metals including stainless steel, raw steel, titanium, copper, brass and powder-coated aluminium.


  • Architectural screens and privacy screens for interior + exterior
  • Balustrades, architectural features + fittings + manufaure + installation  
  • Architectural Metal Products design + manufacture + installation  
  • Ornamental Work  design + manufacture + installation 
  • Kitchen counter tops + splash backs
  • Cladding, lift interior, lobby, custom designs 
  • Custom furniture design + manufacture 
  • Stainless steel promotional products

By using STEELAMAN innovative superior surface finish treated materials, incorporated in your design and manufacture, you will save cost and time and have a superior high end finish.

By using commercial materials, you are at risk of not getting the result your customer may require, reflection of light is not taken into account by using off the shelf materials with standard finishes. By this old fabricating method, you will  have a surface finish with uneven blend and uneven polish marks with cross direction polishing, as all blending is done by hand.     

STEELAMAN Ultra thin laminated metals are genuine stainless steel, can be bent, cut and drawing, and very economical. It is designed for exterior and interior applications, electronics, house hold appliances, furniture and more ...making our product the Number 1 choice, for your next project.