Stainless steel screen design to create a modern beauty home.

In general, stainless steel screen is one of the most basic function is disjunctive space, create a "lie between and constantly" effect, make indoor more obvious functional partition, and require too much space.

Place a screen in the proper place, can make the person that live is not interference, each have a relatively private atmosphere.

For example, in the small hall room, partition with screen ark, distinguish sitting room and dining-room, achieve the purpose of function partition already, maintain a kind of connection between them again;

Put a screen at the entrance of the bedroom, besides blocking the view of the outside, still can play the role of porch.

Steel music person stainless steel screen cabinet is characterized by small and light, can be arbitrarily moved the color variety.

Between open living room and dining room, simple screen is split in two, the space in daily life, the activity of two Spaces will no longer interfere with each other and both sides and the top of the screen to set aside space and not destroyed the original transparent feeling, create another shade, and a sense of open space.

Different families have different space to use need, if dining-room area is bigger, can use stainless steel screen to make redundant room to make a study.

To the family that does not have a big house, the characteristic that the screen of stainless steel screen, beautification function, have practical significance more.

For home often have guests, be about to notice the individual is the illicit close space, room sofa and bed between the stainless steel screen play an irreplaceable role in space space, sofa, tea table outside screen visitor form a complete recreational area, bed inside screen, recreational couch constitutes the master illicit close morpheus area.

Open the stainless steel screen, two Spaces can be completely cut off, the sight of the visitor can be completely interrupted.

At the same time the table before the screen is also a soft partition that cannot be ignored, it can and screen echo, collective block absolutely the guest to the curiosity of the space after screen, make sure to maximize the master illicit close space not to be disturbed.

If the stainless steel screen is used for spacing, it is generally good to use enclosed stainless steel screen, and the height should not be lower than the line of sight.

Screen is used for turning Angle, can choose the screen that makes with transparent or hollow material, this can make corner space appears lively and lively.

The height of the screen is too high, it is best not to exceed the height of the average person standing, otherwise the screen of the high center of gravity be unsteady, easily heald oppressive feeling to the person, virtually caused by the user's psychological burden.

The design of stainless steel screen is to want to be coordinated with the decoration of the house, only in this way can build a modern beautiful home.