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The vacuum coating technology makes the color stainless steel decorative board have a variety of choices.

In the stainless steel industry, there are many colors, ranging from black to purple, what makes the color stainless steel decorative board so colorful?

The answer is vacuum coating technology.

The following is a detailed introduction of vacuum coating technology:

The vacuum evaporation method is a method of heating metal under high vacuum condition to melt and evaporate, and to form metal film on plastic surface after cooling.

The common metal is aluminum and other low-melting metals. The method of heating metal: there is heat energy produced by the use of resistance, and also the use of electron beam.

In order to ensure that the heat released by the metal is not deformed, the time of evaporation must be adjusted.

In addition, melting point, boiling point too high metal or alloy is not suitable for evaporation.

To be metallized and plated plastics in vacuum chamber, adopts the method must be heated to plating material, make metal evaporation or sublimation, condensation of metal vapor encounter cold plastic products surface into metal film.

Under vacuum conditions can reduce evaporation materials of atoms and molecules in collisions with other molecules to process plastic products, reduce the activity of gas molecules and the chemical reaction between evaporation source materials (such as oxidation, etc.), which provides a layer of membrane density, purity, deposition rate and adhesion.

Often requires of vacuum evaporation film indoor pressure is equal to or less than 10-2 pa, for the products and the evaporation source and the plated film quality demanding occasions, require lower pressure (10-5 pa), 0.04 0.1 um plating thickness is too thin, reflectivity is low;

Too thick, weak adhesion, easy to fall off.

The reflectivity of 0.04 is 90%.

The stainless steel vacuum coating is made of titanium target, which can form various colors by controlling the thickness of the titanium layer.

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